International Steering Team

In the modern rapidly developing world undergoing global changes have a substantial impact on our daily lives and therefore make them more complex. Global Education is a holistic education concept which enables people to realize global issues and interdependences. Therefore, main focus is to develop discernment and orientation as well as to encourage critical reflection and discussion. Global Education attaches importance to practical experience and establishment of a variety of perspectives.

In the framework of the Global Curriculum Project we want to support schools and teachers to instruct in the sense of Global Education in different subjects. Moreover, we have an urge to encourage schools to raise the awareness of Global Education as a concept for their school development.

The Global Curriculum Project is an international pilot initiative which will simultaneously take place in 40 schools of the following countries: Austria, Benin, Brazil, Czech Republic and Great Britain.

The project partners are:

10 schools take part in Austria.

The main core of aforementioned project stands on the aspiration to integrate Global Education within schools based on effective international collaboration and exchange and thus, eventually support an intensive debate on global issues. The main promoters of this project are teams of teachers. Teaching material about the project is available on our website. Additionally, we will create and issue a Global Education Handbook, which will also comprise project results. The project organisations maintain the continuous supply of teaching materials, conduct training sessions and support constructive collaboration for the teacher teams.

Visit our web page and learn about participant countries and schools as well as obtain exhaustive information on Global Education and partner organizations. You will also have an access to the downloadable data of Global Education!


Interdependence or Death

The motto of professor Jose Pacheco, from Portugal, founder of the famous Escola da Ponte paraphrases the famous "Independence or Death" assigned to the emperor Dom Pedro I when he proclaimed Brazil's independence in 1822, and will surely resonate for a long time in the hearts and minds of the more than120 participants of the Global Seminar Curriculum: Rio + 20 Goes to School, held at the State School Julia Pantoja on Saturday, June 16, 2012.

Footbal for Development

Workshops for schools

Throughout the month of June, ARPOK provided innovative workshops to the schools participating in the Global Curriculum Project. Pupils and teachers had the chance to experience global education beyond the classroom. They were introduced to the pedagogical power of sports and more specifically football in delivering global education. Pavel Zwak and Ansley Hofmann led different workshops on the topic “Football and Development”.

Exhibition "Three continents - many living environments"

Global education in the WMS Leipzigerplatz

The exhibition to experience in the middle school is open since Wednesday. What's so special about it? Students guide visitors through the two hour exhibition from Guatemala via Uganda to Sri Lanka.

A primary school full of artists

Global education in the GEPS Marktgasse

On Friday the auditorium of the primary school Marktgasse was changed into a "showroom". A whole year students and teachers were creative in different art projects on several topics. And the results are impressive! For that reason parents and interested parties have been invited to marvel at the work of the little artists at a real vernissage.

Sculpture workshop

Global Education in the GEPS Marktgasse

Two students each from class 1 till 4 attended an art workshop with Reinhard Herrmann. Together they're creating a "divers" sculpture.

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