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A science investigation into oil drilling and spilling

The pupils of St. Benedict's Primary School in Leeds have done a lengthy studuy of black gold:oil- how it is formed, who produces it and consumes it.

The photos are of the children engaged in an investigation around creating and managing an oil spill. They had to use various methods of containment which they found very challenging which we know to our cost it is! They put a feather into it to study the effect on it and then talked about the damage done to wildlife by oil spills in the sea. They also had to realise the obstacles to extracting oil from the under the earth  represented by taking the chocolate chips from a cookie without destroying it. This helped them to understand the destruction of natural environments, habitats and indigenous ways of living in areas such as the Arctic.  In Literacy they developed arguments for and against drilling for oil in the Arctic and wrote powerfully about their thoughts and feelings when such events happen.

April 3, 2012, 4:05 p.m.

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